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Emotional stress is drag on corporate performance. Whether it manifests as tension, reactivity, negativity, powerlessness or disengagement, emotional stress diminishes productivity, innovation, retention, and health. It's a huge problem that gets a tiny amount of attention. Why? Because most organizational leaders view emotional stress as an inherent cost of competing in today's fast-paced global business environment.

We beg to disagree.

Emotional stress is a solvable problem. 

A Groundbreaking Understanding of Emotional Stress

For millennia (2,700 years to be exact), people have believed that their level of emotional stress is a function of their life conditions. Favorable conditions result in emotional ease, challenging conditions result in emotional stress. 

This belief is worse than false - it's dis-empowering.

Emotional stress is not a consequence of finding yourself in changing circumstances over which you have very limited control. Emotional stress is a consequence of being at war with your own emotions - a war over which you have total control.

A Game-changing Approach to Raising Emotional Intelligence

Building on this revolutionary understanding of emotion, we've developed a simple 5-step method - the TENOR Method - which optimizes the relationship between your conscious and subconscious minds for high levels of Vitality, Composure, Accountability, Resourcefulness and Enthusiasm and propels you into an upward spiral of increasing performance. To learn more about the TENOR Method, click here.