TENOR Skill Coaching

Relieve Personal Stress in your life with TENOR

Are you experiencing any of the five signs of Emotional Stress?

  • Tension -- Physical tightness, soreness or pain
  • Reactivity -- Overreacting, going “ballistic”
  • Negativity -- Name calling or labeling others, blaming
  • Powerlessness -- “There’s nothing I can do about it”
  • Disengagement -- Procrastinating, checking out

Are you looking for a more effective way to manage your Personal Stress?

In just three sessions you will achieve these benefits:

  • New insight into the purpose of your emotions and the true cause of Personal Stress
  • Simple yet effective techniques for managing your Personal Stress
  • Application of the techniques to emotionally-painful situations in your current life
  • Materials that support you practicing the techniques at the completion of the coaching program 

For a total investment of only $495 you receive:

  • Three 50-minute coaching sessions with a TENOR Certified Coach 
  • Sessions are private one-on-one and conducted via video
  • All needed supporting material

To sign-up for TENOR Skill Coaching with Dr. Jim Knickerbocker, click HERE.

For questions, email jk@adaptivemastery.com